U.S Baseball Team LA Dodgers Host ETH-Based First Ever Digital Bobblehead Night


Cryptocurrency and blockchain are firmly gaining traction in the world of sports, with deals and athletes now set to get paid in crypto.

The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team is taking it a notch higher with the “first of its kind” crypto giveaway in U.S Major League baseball history.

According to a Dodger Insider press release, the Los Angeles Dodgers is all set to go ahead with its first-ever crypto giveaway. The team will offer fans a chance to acquire player crypto tokens that they can add to their (fans) own Ethereum wallets.

The announcement states that the baseball team’s fans will get tokens that will represent three of the top Dodgers players. These crypto tokens are convertible into the world’s second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

The Dodger Insider publication also reports that the giveaway is scheduled to go ahead during what the team calls the Digital Bobblehead Night.

The event will take place on the same night the L.A-based team plays the San Diego Padres, a game scheduled for September 21.

On the night, fans attending the game will be given directions on how to download crypto tokens representing players such as the Dodgers’ pitcher Clayton Kershaw. The other two in the giveaway are baseman Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen.

Organizers have said that the giveaway will be limited to chances available at the game’s point of entry. It adds that the first 40,000 fans with tickets to attend the match will each receive a special card that allows them access to the bobbleheads.

The card has a unique code and instructions that will take fans to a given website. At the site, cardholders will be able to download, unblock and transfer the tokens to an Ethereum wallet.

The 40k cards will be available at the gate and fans will have an equal chance to acquire any of the player tokens whose distribution will be random.

However, the publication maintains that there will be an equal distribution of tokens featuring Kershaw, Turner, and Jansen.

The Dodger Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lon Rosen expressed the team’s excitement at holding their first-ever crypto giveaway. He said that the event gives them a chance to venture into a “new marketplace” with their fan base.

He also added that the team’s hope was that the giveaway helps pique their fan’s interest in the team. It could also be the starting point of an exciting age for digital collectibles and promotions involving Dodger.

Crypto adoption in sports gathering pace

Cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology have made steady inroads into the world of sports over the last year or so.

The match towards mainstream adoption has seen the rise of several blockchain-based sports platforms including those that offer sports betting and virtual reality experiences.

At the same time, many sports personalities are now ambassadors with blockchain-based firms and crypto projects.

For example, Barcelona superstar Leo Messi’s endorsed SIRIN LABS and Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki penned a deal with Lympo, an app that uses cryptocurrency to promote and incentivize healthy habits.

There has also been an increase in partnerships involving fintech companies and mainstream sports in many other ways.

English Premier League

For example, social trading platform eToro recently announced the signing of numerous partnerships with English Premier League clubs. The parties involved sealed the deal using bitcoin and is the largest so far involving cryptocurrency and mainstream sports teams.

National Basketball Association (NBA)

In June, U.S basketball team the Sacramento Kings announced that it had partnered with a crypto mining firm to support an educational initiative. The deal allowed Ethereum mining firm MiningStore to install its hardware in Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center.

All mining proceeds from the partnership would be used to boost scholarship programs in Sacramento.

How far the trend goes will likely be dictated by wider cryptocurrency adoption and regulatory developments. Nevertheless, it appears sports will provide one of the avenues for fast adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


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