John McAfee’s Bitfi Crypto Wallet Sells Out in 22 Minutes


The Strategic partnership between eccentric cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee and Bitfi, a global payments company aimed at boosting the digital asset economy has played out well, as the ‘Unhackable’ crypto wallet released by the company took only 22 minutes to sell out.

Build Up to The Launch of the Bitfi Wallet

Not long after Bitfi made the official announcement of the Bitfi Wallet on the 19th of June, John McAfee, a renowned cyber security expert and arguably one of the most influential figures in the blockchain ecosystem took to his twitter handle to make a very bold claim about the Unhackable Bitfi Wallet. McAfee tweeted on June 22, 2018;

“Today I am announcing my ultra secure wallet, built by Bitfi. It will forever change the landscape of crypto storage. Would have told you earlier, but if you read my prior tweets, I was unconscious. Anyway, you must check it out.”

Followers of John McAfee, and most crypto enthusiast welcomed the pre-launch announcement of the hardware wallet.

And as already mentioned, the Bitfi Wallet became available for purchase on June 25, 2018 at a price of $120, and it took only 22 minutes for the entire batch of hard wallets to sell out.

Bitfi Has Set the New Standard for Hard Wallets

Prior to the launch of Bitfi’s hard wallet Knox, other companies like Trezor and Ledger dominated the hardware wallet market. KeepKey lags behind significantly in market share but if the third most popular and recognized wallet.

However, will the hype around Knox, and the remarkable features Bitfi has integrated into their hardware wallet, Knox may just be the new standard for coin holders who use hardware wallets.

Although the exterior of Knox is a delight for a hard wallet; launching with a fancy LCD screen that makes it appear more like a smartphone, Knox is backed by enough power to live up to the hype it is getting.

Bitfi has announced that its hardware wallet will support an unlimited number of digital assets, remarkably, Knox launched with support for Monero (XMR) which was previously not available on any hardware wallet.

The Bitfi Wallet makes use of an open source algorithm, which means that users of the device do not need to rely on any third party, including Bitfi to obtain their private Keys, as a result, in the device ever gets lost or stolen, the private keys of the original owner cannot be retrieved by any means; security at its finest.

Bitfi also made a big claim about Knox, stating that it is currently safer than any other type of digital storage and more practical than typical cold storage.

According to Bitfi, Knox will allow users enjoy maximum security on their wallets without needing to have any technical skill, download, or install anything, all that would be needed is a wireless connection and the hard wallet to receive automatic software updates.

The Bitfi Wallet will also enable users to view all their balances at a glance and switch quickly from one digital asset to another.

The Unhackable Bitfi Wallet is currently sold out on, but the second batch of devices is expected to go on sale in a day or two.

John McAfee has predicted that the next batch could sell out in 3 hours. Follow us to stay informed on when the next batch of Knox devices will be available for purchase.


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