Ways New Investors Can Learn Crypto Trading


Investing in cryptocurrencies is now a hobby for thousands of people around the world. For some, the blockchain is more than that. Thousands of people earn a living working for blockchain startups, mining or holding cryptocurrencies. If you have an interest in the cryptocurrency industry whether as an investor or as a hobbyist, it’s important to keep tabs on news and changes happening around the industry.

There are hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to reporting cryptocurrency related news. There are forums with millions of people who discuss different topics related to the blockchain, apps and YouTube channels. However, not all of the information sources are worth following.

Only a limited number of websites really provide fact-based, objective news and information worth reading. The following 7 websites are among the best.


The website provides info-graphics and important details about cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Unlike other websites, Coinmarketcap.com focuses on daily trading volumes and market capitalization. It has a very simple interface. On the upper side, the website provides an overview of the industry’s total market cap, 24-hour trading volumes and bitcoin’s dominance in the industry.

The website has a search engine where you can search any cryptocurrency, token or trading volumes of any of the top 9,592 exchanges. There is also a menu bar divided into four:

  • Market cap- search market cap for any token or cryptocurrency
  • Trading volume-search daily or monthly trading volumes for any exchange or cryptocurrency
  • Trending-search the best and worst performing cryptocurrencies. Also, discover recently added exchanges and cryptocurrencies
  • Tools-find a currency converter calculator, historical snapshots, and important website widgets.

If you want to read charts about any cryptocurrency’s history, prices and trading volumes, Coinmarketcap.com is the website to visit.


This is arguably the most popular, best rated, authoritative cryptocurrency website in the world. More than 10% of people who follow cryptocurrency news online have read at least one article on this website. Founded in 2013, Coindesk commands a following of 10 million unique visitors every month. More than 150,000 people have subscribed to the site’s newsletter and 450,000 others follow its news coverage on social media.

While many blogs and websites rely on information from other websites, Coindesk gets the news from the real sources. They organize interviews with blockchain leaders. They conduct fact-based reviews about products and provide news information objectively and timely. Coindesk is rated as the best cryptocurrency news source by so many websites. If you want to learn anything about the industry, Coindesk should be your first stop.


This website reviews initial coin offerings. Often abbreviated as ICO, an initial coin offering is a new way cryptocurrency startups use to raise funds. Usually, a startup comes up with tokens or cryptocurrencies that can be used in a number of ways. But because they have an incomplete product, they sell investors their tokens in exchange for established cryptocurrencies like ethereum and bitcoin.

When the startup completes their platform and gains adoption, the tokens gain value, sometimes much more than their value at the ICO. Due to this, investors are constantly looking for good ICOs to invest in. ICO bench reviews upcoming ICOs in almost every industry based on several categories:

  • ICO Profile- the distribution of the tokens, their use and how funds from the ICO will be spent
  • Team-the founders, engineers, managers, advisors and the qualification details to handle the said product
  • Vision-the team’s goals for the project and future ambitions
  • Product-the startup’s actual product and its purpose in the industry

To ensure every startup gets an objective review, ICOs on ICO bench are reviewed by a team of up to 20 industry experts. Each expert is a leader in the blockchain and provides enough reasons for their reviews.


This is one of the few cryptocurrency websites without adverts. The writers here focus on providing in-depth, fact-based guides about anything related to cryptocurrencies without distracting you with annoying ads. The content is professionally done by industry leaders with extensive knowledge about bitcoin, mining, ICOs, and trading. If you would like to read a guide about any of the following niches,

  • bitcoin
  • ethereum
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Wallets
  • ICOs

A bit greedy is a great website to subscribe to. Additionally, the site is really organized, with subheadings and bullet points that explain topic ideas in an objective manner.


This website provides news and conference schedules for anything relevant in the cryptocurrency industry. They also provide information guides about cryptocurrency wallets, ICOs, and exchanges. Additionally, Crypto Ninjas provides relevant information about government policies, links to trading sites and charts about cryptocurrency market caps.

Crypto Ninjas is a great website for investors, especially at the ICO stage. Day traders will also find the site useful as it updates news and information about top cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.


If you find the graph-based analysis on coinmarketcap.com a little bit intimidating, this website details the same information in a table format. More than 1500 cryptocurrencies are listed on the website. Each cryptocurrency is accompanied by their price in USD, hourly trading volumes; daily, weekly and up to 90-day trading volume analysis.

You can also access the information on this site in a chart format. Additionally, you can find information about exchanges, news, forums and virtually everything else about cryptocurrencies. In summary, Coincheckup.com is a one-stop website for checking data about any cryptocurrency, exchange or ICO’s performance in the past 90 days.


This website is up there with Coindesk in terms of popularity. The website mainly focuses on explaining cryptocurrency related terms, reviewing wallets, offering guides and providing investors with important skills about trading.

Blockgeeks.com is extremely detailed in how they convey their guides. Information is professionally expressed using interactive videos, infographics, pictures, and screenshots. If you would like to become an expert in blockchains, the website provides you with learning opportunities through their courses. If you spend most of your time on social media, the company’s team is active on almost every popular social media platform. Basically, this is one of the best sites to learn anything about the blockchain as a beginner.


The number of resources available to help you learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies is infinite. You can acquire information through videos, Telegram channels, email newsletters or social media posts. However, not all the information you come across will be factual or helpful. Visit some or all of the above sites and decide which among them provides the information you are after.


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