Verge (XVG) Leads the Way for Mass Adoption Regardless of Faltering Prices


Verge Gets Increased Payment Options

As a cryptocurrency finds more adoptions for payments, the asset is bound to benefit from the increased trading volumes that follows. Verge (XVG) has been included as a payment option across a number of platforms, while that has not yet resulted in a price pump, it is predicted to in the near future.

The shocking big partnership of Verge with Pornhub seems to get better for Verge. First affiliate partners of the company, TrafficJunky; an advert company which reportedly serves over four billion impressions, got absorbed into another partnership with Verge.

Pornhub which previously announced that users can pay for services on the platform using XVG coins, has broadened the usage of Verge by including a payment option for stars on the platform. Yes, Pornstars now have the option to be paid using XVG coins on Pornhub.

In addition to that, Verge has also been added a payment option in the on-going ICO of Flogmall. Flogmall is a new e-commerce platform where sellers and buyers of any cryptocurrency unite for transactions.

The e-commerce platform is still in its early stages. Not long ago, Verge was added to the Flogmall platform, and now enthusiasts who believe in the Flogmall platform can now Purchase their token with XVG coins in the ongoing ICO.

Debit Cards Coming to Verge (XVG) SOON!

Verge is not planning to launch any debit card anytime soon, however, TokenPay may just be on its way to do that. TokenPay announced early in May of its intention to buy 9.9% of the shares of WEG Bank AG in Germany, in an attempt to issue debit cards on cryptocurrencies.

Well, TokenPay made the announcement of their acquisition of 9.9% of the bank days ago, with the option to acquire an additional 80.1% upon approval. TokenPay went on to announce that Verge would be its first choice for issuing the Debit card.

Verge (XVG) Gets Abra Listing

Abra, which is the only global application that lets users buy, store and invest in 25 different cryptocurrencies in one wallet has added Verge (XVG) to its platform. XVG coins can be bought using only fiat (USD) on Abra, and withdrawal can only be made with BTC or USD.

Verge’s Listing on Abra came only a day after the digital asset was listed on BiteBTC, another fast growing exchange platform. This confirms the fact that Verge currency is growing, as the coin is receiving more attention and usage, although the current prices, which we shall discuss below are not a full reflection of that.

Price and Performance of Verge (XVG)

The price department is one in which Verge has failed to recount success. The crypto market has not been the most favourable for the altcoin, and the asset has struggled to grow, the last time Verge traded above $0.1 was back in January.

As at press time, XVG is trading at $0.051 USD following a 9.32% price drop in the last 24 hours. Verge has given up its 25th position for a lower 29th with a market cap of $769.9 million (USD).


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