AlphaEX White Label Exchange – What you need to Know


If you have traded crypto assets before using any of the exchanges, chances are your first time wasn’t such an inspiring experience. The same applies to listing an asset on the trading exchange. It’s usually a daunting task, with cryptocurrency exchanges charging exorbitant amounts to list a token, often ranging between $1 million and $3 million.

Apart from that, the exchanges have the right to delist a token they feel doesn’t generate enough liquidity. However, things don’t have to be like that. That’s where White Label Cryptocurrency exchanges come in handy.

One such exchange is the AlphaEX platform. Here is everything you need to know about this very exciting solution.

A white label cryptocurrency exchange is a ready-to-deploy exchange platform designed by a third party. All a user needs to do is to have their tokens or assets listed to allow other investors a chance to trade them.

What is AlphaEX?

AlphaEX is a hosted cryptocurrency exchange that offers the user an attractively secure and scalable platform for anyone who wants to have their tokens listed. It operates on a modular framework, allowing several users to access its versatile infrastructure.

As a white label platform, AlphaEX allows you to create a private exchange, where you can list your tokens against supported crypto pairs like BTC, ETH, and XRP among others. With AlphaEX, your users get a platform that is capable of large-scale transactions made possible via secured cloud-based data storage.

What makes this site worth considering?

First, the software allows you to take full ownership of your site, deploying it with preferred tradable assets. A user also is in-charge of things like trading volumes, prices, and best of all, no one gets to delist the coins. Currently, the platform offers four possible trading pairs in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and XinFin (XDCE).

Secondly, it’s easier and cheaper to list your tokens on this site than on one of the established cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, I believe those who would benefit from this platform are those facing an urgent need to list their tokens. Not only is it difficult to get a new ICO token on an exchange, it’s also risky for the token issuer if the delay is too long. This is why so many projects have been labeled dead or scam for lack of trading platform.

AlphaEx features

While using the platform, users can access various features, all geared towards making the experience smooth. The exchange features include a secure 2Factor Authentication encryption, 99% uptime, and multi-currency option. The client gets access to features that display buying/selling, prices, deposits and withdrawals, and trends for 7-day, 30-day, and 6 months.

There are several other features that make it suitable for beginner investors and tokens owners. To learn more, visit the platform’s official site.

Is AlphaEX secure?

Security is one aspect of a cryptocurrency exchange that can’t be second-guessed. It then follows that we question AlphaEX and whether the site could be vulnerable both from within and externally. From what we have seen, the site’s security measures are top notch. Other than robust encryption, all data is automatically backed up at a collocated cloud center with Disaster Recovery in place.

AlphaEX Beta Launched

AlphaEX white label cryptocurrency exchange launched its beta platform on May 17, 2018. To successfully undertake data migration, the site was put under maintenance between 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM on the same day. On a notice issued by the site, users were informed of the changes that had been incorporated into the new upgrade. The aim is to boost security and resilience for better trading experiences. With the launch of the beta version, AlphaEX has opened the door for increased adoption from a large pool of users around the cryptocurrency community. Most of the potential adopters will be token platforms that are part of the 80% not listed on any exchange.

What else should you know?

AlphaEX’s target is to make the use of the platform as user-friendly as possible. As such, they offer training for 2 members of staff off-site. This ensures there’s someone on hand for everyday site management. Additionally, there are enough documents provided by the AlphaEX team for use in the field.

Before you get going, it’s always advisable to do more research and to learn as much as possible about any site you wish to use.


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