How XinFin (XDCE) is proving that it has what it takes to succeed


There have been a few really exciting cryptocurrency projects to emerge in the last few years. 2018 is proving to be no different as quite a few are looking to follow in the footsteps of, or even be better than Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, and Cardano. One of the projects that have the potential to come into space and cause shockwaves is XinFin (XDCE).

What is XinFin?

XinFin is a unique new generation blockchain platform that runs on a Hybrid Blockchain technology. Its main focus is to leverage cryptocurrency to transform the trade and finance industry. The XinFin network is built on the XDC protocol, an ecosystem that utilizes the hybrid private and public architecture to provide a framework for a robust, secure, and highly scalable platform.

By using both a permissioned and public blockchain framework, XinFin becomes an ideal platform for developing the infrastructure that’s useful in eliminating rampant inefficiencies in a trillion dollar industry that is trade and finance.

Areas of application that will put XinFin on the path to global adoption include the provision of a real-time payment settlement system, cross-border transactions, dApps and smart contracts, use in compliance industry (KYC/AML) and a hedge pool via its Tradefinex platform for price stability.

XinFin is a combination of the top qualities of two well-known platforms- Ethereum and Quorum. This factor then combines with the excellent XDC protocol to allow content developers create real-life applications. The platform can be utilized to build anything in virtually any project, including solar power, payments systems, travel, Aerospace and medical ambulance services, among many other use cases. XinFin’s tradable token is XDCE.

Reasons for recent performances

The XDCE token defied a lot of negative market sentiment to surge in value over much of April. XinFin XDCE also gained a lot of attention due to its vast use cases; making it a platform worth investing in. The recent surges in value for the coin relate to its robust and highly functional XDC protocol. The platform is becoming popular with institutions which are finding it easy and simple to create applications and smart contracts in an industry with high demand. Other than that, there’s real support for the platform, a point illustrated with the big masternodes.

Exchange listings and alliances

Exchanges and trading platforms play an important role in a crypto as it determines its availability and ease of access. These can affect price gains, and thus the token’s value will definitely increase as it gets listed on more sites. The token currently has a market cap of $27 million and is closing in on the top 300 according to CoinMarketCap. The hardworking XDCE team has made efforts to have the token on major exchanges. Buzz in crypto circles is that two of the global platforms could be adding it any time in the future.

You can buy or trade XDCE on any of the following exchanges:

  • Bancor
  • Mercatox
  • COSS
  • top
  • IDEX
  • KoinOK
  • EtherFlyer


As for alliances, the XinFin team has also demonstrated that they busy on that front too. They already joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and recently partnered with Obirum. However, the defining partnership at the moment is Ramco Sytems. The two have teamed to build breakthrough hybrid blockchain solutions covering three industries in logistics, aviation, and HR. this will make the XinFin token even more valuable as demand for it increases.

Market Overview:

The XDCE token was first traded in mid-March and has seen tremendous growth in two short months. Its price had risen from $0.001 to a high of $0.0107 in early May. All these positive growths were achieved at a time when the market was experiencing high price declines. The recent dip in markets has seen it drop slightly to the current $0.007 against the US dollar. However, with so much positivity around the project, it’s only a matter of time before it goes on to a bullish run and reclaim lost value. An illustration of the token’s popularity can be seen in the increasing daily trading volumes, now over $1 million- higher than most peers. The growth will continue, bettering the +986% return since ICO.


Cryptocurrency is yet to see the last of blockchain projects as more will be developed every other day. Nevertheless, in 2018, XinFin (XDCE) is proving to be one of the revelations that will transform, not only trade and finance but also cryptocurrency itself. It’s safe to conclude that one of the platforms that will lead a market charge this year is XinFin. Unlike many projects that have no clear forward movement, this crypto is already looking forth to great things. The team already has prototypes of products that are going into production stage soon. After that, XDCE will be the token everybody wants.


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