Qtum (QTUM) vs. EOS (EOS): Which Has The Upper Hand?


The best performer over a seven-day period is Qtum (QTUM). On Tuesday, it was the only crypto with a double-digit price gain over both the 24-hr and 7-day period. The crypto notched a price gain of 37.46% against the US dollar. It’s also an impressive 20.77% over the 7-day period.

Qtum is still one of the best performing coin at the moment. Today, the coin is 4.5% up on the hour-to-hour chart. It’s one coin to watch over the next few days. It could go a wild ride.


Qtum (QTUM), just like EOS (EOS), is a platform built that seeks to help businesses and companies to create smart contracts on top of blockchains. Other than that, developers can also build decentralized applications using the Qtum platform. Because of its robustness and modular capacity, Qtum has attracted a lot of interest across cryptocurrency. To secure its database, the crypto utilizes the SHA-256 algorithm that is also used on the bitcoin network. The cryptocurrency is unique because it mixes the strength of Blockchain and Ethereum’s Virtual Machine. It thus claims to be better than both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why Qtum?

From a neutral’s point of view, it appears to be a mature platform due to combining ETC’s EVM and BTC’s Blockchain strength. It, therefore, is likely to appeal to developers who would be willing to use its technology. There is also the use of Qtum Light Clients that opens the platform up for use by Smartphone holders. If you are looking for a coin with huge potential to dominate its space, then you should consider this altcoin.

Perhaps the biggest pull this coin could have over an investor is the manner in which it has managed to attract big names. The number of individuals and organizations that have over the years backed it has grown steadily. Some of the big shots to support the initiative include Anthony Di Lorio, Ethereum’s Co-founder, Augur’s Jeremy Gardner and Fenbushi Capital. More than anything else, they send the message that says ‘Qtum is a decent project and we endorse it’.

This crypto is one of the promising alternative coins for those who missed on Blockchain 1.0 and 2.0. At a current price of just $21.88, it is cheap enough to give back a high ROI. At the moment, the cryptocurrency that competes with similar tokens like EOS has a market capitalization of $1.61 Billion


EOS (EOS) aims at providing a blockchain-based platform for developers to build decentralized applications. The unique thing about this platform is its ease of use, providing developers with a ready-made toolkit for dApps.

Why EOS?

Like its counterpart Qtum, it seeks to have the best of cryptocurrency in one framework. It, therefore, integrates bitcoin and Ethereum features to make its platform more scalable and adaptable than the predecessors.

What might set EOS coin apart from Qtum coin is its very low-entry point for developers. The threshold is quite low; meaning most people with basic developer skills can easily code dApps on EOS’s platform.

Another plus point for it is the massive number of transactions that it can handle. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have scalability and transaction speed problems that the platform wishes to exploit to its advantage. Again, its pursuit of services like cloud storage and hosting of servers, give it an edge over Qtum.

The EOS blockchain uses its native currency to facilitate network transactions.

The price movement for this currency also indicates there’s a lot of momentum with a gain of +7% against the USD and a similar gain against the market leader Bitcoin. EOS performed slightly better against ETH at +10 percent. Ranked 9th at coinmarketcap.com, the cryptocurrency has a market cap of $4.6 billion. Today’s price gains were reached with a 24h trading volume of $577,642,000 against a circulating supply of 742,201,238 token coins. It is also worth noting that EOS is only among a handful of coins that are in the green in all three parameters of 1h, 24h, and 7-day.

If you are looking for an affordable coin that has potential to give huge returns in 2018, then look no further than these two. Qtum (QTUM) may have an upper hand though, due to its excellent performance so far. The only caution is to avoid getting carried away because the market is still delicate and things could change very quickly.


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