Here’s Why Red Pulse (RPX) Is About to Get Red Hot Again


There is no denying that the world of cryptocurrency is driven mostly by market information and research even though sometimes it can be based on rumors.  In fact, most of the time investors end up making decisions based on rumors as a result of information overload where there is hardly any verification mechanism to determine fake research form high-quality content. With a specific focus on an emerging and growing Chinese market, Red Pulse (RPX) is seeking to develop a solution to this problem.

Where did Red Pulse come from?

Based in Hong Kong, Red Pulse has had over 2 years of experience running as a fully working consultancy company even before its ICO stage was launched. The Red Pulse team includes experts in the financial world such as Jonathan HA who is the company’s founder and CEO with over a decade in consulting. The rest of the team of co-founders and advisors also boast of years of experience in the Chinese financial markets. The company branched from Z-Ben Advisors (a consultancy company) and is set to employ machine learning as the first NEO based token in an effort to enable a research ecosystem.

What is it the project about

Touted as ‘a next-generation intelligence and content ecosystem for China markets’ Red Pulse aims to simplify the average investors understanding of the Chinese market in order to make it easy for developers of products and services to tap into this world’s second-largest economy. Red Pulse does not only stand out as having the first ever NEO based token but also boasts of providing a sharing economy for research. With a specific focus on China’s market, Red Pulse is attempting to bring about a relevant and timely analysis of actionable information on China’s market.

How does it work?

Well, Red Pulse (RPX) is trying to solve three major problems in content creation. One is the development of a reliable research content ecosystem, and then there is the accuracy and transparency of that information and finally the good old problem of information overload. With a specific focus on the growing Chinese market, Red Pulse is mending a broken research business that is currently dominated by key players who leave smaller and independent researchers on the losing end financially. Basically, Red pulse plans to create an incentivized global ecosystem where consumers of content get direct access to credible information on the Chinese markets while content creators and researchers get the opportunity to monetize and earn directly from their content. The RPX token becomes the medium of exchange for each piece of content. To establish high-quality content in the ecosystem, Red Pulse maintains a transparent voting system that ensures producers of high-quality content get to earn based on the popularity of their work.

Is there a future for Red Pulse?

According to Red Pulse, the Chinese market has top notch purchasing power parity (PPP) yet it still remains difficult for investors, analysts and market researchers to contribute effectively. Red pulse’s move to focus on the Chinese market is set to bridge that gap while allowing the company to tap into a growing market especially in the cryptocurrency world. Just recently, the RPX token was added to Binance (one of the largest and most popular Hong Kong-based exchange). This move could help many crypto investors globally get exposed to Red Pulse’s RPX token and improve uptake of the project. Furthermore, the fact that RPX stands out as the first ever NEO token is a plus to many crypto enthusiasts since NEO has already proven itself as the decentralized app ecosystem of the east region.

Future Partnerships

In addition, the potential partnership of RPX and APEX as reported by a tweet from Red Pulse (RPX) could be huge for RPX as APEX is one of the leading Blockchain enabled interactions and data exchanges. In fact, APEX is soon set to launch its own ICO and already serves renowned market data consumers Such as BMW, Volvo, and Casio among others.



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