NEO (NEO) Eyes $1,000 Target As March Through City of Zion Gathers Speed


There is no stopping NEO now.

Those were the unspoken words of DevCon attendees, especially NEO (NEO) founder Da Hongfei, at the recently concluded NEO DevCon held in San Francisco. The same enthusiasm had been made at an earlier interview reported by Hong Kong’s TokenNews.

At a time when cryptocurrency and the ICO ecosystem is facing scrutiny from governments around the world, NEO is marching forward towards a Smart Economy that will drive its value to the top of the blockchain industry.  Many experts have pointed out that NEO holds an unrivaled spot as China’s biggest cryptocurrency project.

Heck, it is even touted as the reason China is set to reverse its tough stance on cryptocurrencies and ICO projects in the country. Many crypto projects have faced a serious censor-like approach from the Chinese authorities, yet NEO seems to have been left untouched, “secretly encouraged” to claim its position in the cryptocurrency world.

And to thrive seems to be NEO’s mission now.

Making his speech at the inaugural DevCon at the end of last month, Hongfei effused ambition and confidence on the future of the NEO project. It was a speech that outlined what the community of developers gathered wanted to hear: NEO was shooting for the moon.

To aid in driving this point home, Da Hongfei said that NEO wants to focus on building a Smart Economy where everything was digitized and programmable; transparent and more importantly, an economy that was trustless. In short a new vision for the cryptocurrency.

I can’t agree more. If NEO (NEO) managed to create a system that drove a world smart economy, then it’s simply safe to say that they are going for Zion itself: top spot. In the words of Da Hongfei, NEO is working to become an A student of cryptocurrency.

Simply put, NEO wants to be on top of the staircase by 2020. How will they do that? My crypto-mind says it’s the City of Zion. It is the largest team of developers who are all working towards making NEO a great project.

NEO will hit $1000 by December 2018.  What are my reasons? China, Ethereum and a dedicated community led by City of Zion.

China’s move is set to benefit this coin. I mentioned China and its treatment of NEO earlier. Crypto forums are buzzing with speculation China is set to rescind its decision on ICOs and crypto coins. If it does, then we can assume its time NEO soared. Watch out for that decision: its timing will embolden Chinese investors and I can’t see any other huge beneficiary other than NEO. See why the cryptocurrency will definitely reach an ATH of $1k in 2018?

Ethereum and NEO will compete for the market. There are times when you look at Ethereum and you wonder “will it survive NEO?” Of course, it will, but the point is that it is too similar to Ethereum; they can only both head the same direction. According to many of us, it has what Ethereum lacks – a large prospective market. If ETH corrects to hit $1000 again, NEO won’t be far behind.

And that’s just for 2018; going forward, I see NEO bypassing not only ethereum but possibly Bitcoin too. Bitcoin will continue to lead the crypto-sphere as a payment platform, but NEO is set to dominate as a smart contract platform.

If that’s not bullish enough, then NEO’s market trends suggest it the most likely coin to break free from Bitcoin. It started off slowly, for months, never looking like it would move out of the under $10 bracket on the market, but the last few weeks have a different tale. Often called the “Ethereum of the Far East”, NEO is now among the top ten cryptocurrencies by volume. Among its exalted friends at the top are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XPR), and Litecoin (LTC). Today NEO is valued at $113 with a market cap of $7.3 billion. It is ranked a respectable 7th on (as of today 12 February 2018).

City of Zion and the other initiatives will take NEO past the moon. At the DevCon, Da Hongfei spoke of what he envisioned for NEO. One very clear message was that NEO was destined for greatness as an ecosystem. The main player, according to Hongfei, was the City of Zion. This community of open-source developers and designers is spearheading the development agenda of the NEO blockchain. Already City of Zion is credited with developing the NEON wallet, NEOMon, NEOScan and NEO portal; all essential in driving project NEO forward.

Just to indicate how serious NEO (NEO) is, the crypto’s team has set their eyes on penetrating the friendly Japanese market. Last week (10th-11th Feb 2018) the company hosted two community events in the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka. According to NEO’s official twitter page, the events featured 03Labs and HashPuppies. One more thing, getting into China confirms experts’ views – NEO is the future.


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