This Will Take Po.eT (POE) To The Moon


Po.eT (POE) is recovering from the recent low selloff as it maintains at the $0.10 level. The recovery comes at an ideal time as they recently announced their media partnership. The strategic collaboration set to take place between the Maven media network and will give content creators a significant platform for developing their creative work in the content creation space. The Ethereum based digital coin allows content editors to generate creative content and validate it in the network.

Launch of “Frost”

Po.eT (POE) just launched media based solutions for content creators and bloggers. The presented plugin facilitates automatic validation of any published content based on formats under the management of content.  The launch of Frost enabled them to give a new API for developers from enabling creators of creative content to easily showcase their creative work on

The API of Frost provides a suitable way for supporting applications in multiple formats. also offers a website for Frost that offers creators of creative work guidlines for creating an index for their tasks, making an account, reading the regulations for editors, and accessing the knowledge of creation of context.

At the presentation of Frost, a board member said that by using Frost they will be able to design a scalable and interactive platform that is intuitive for editors of content. partnering with a media network

Po.eT (POE) stated that they are going to collaborate with a media network. The partnership enables to have access to their users and several qualified creative work providers by making use of the system they use in their blockchain into the Maven network.

The collaboration enables publishers in the media network to improve the quality of their work in the network, hence enabling them to build a unique design of their history as well as improving their approach to journalism.

The co-founder of the coin embraced the collaboration and said that the level of work given by the media network will offer a significant step towards use of the technology. The combination is simple since Maven has an idea towards of achieving the same objective. The objective is ensuring all their content creators are easily identified using an ID. It would, therefore, mean that the integration would be straightforward.


Launching of Frost and partnering with the media network will take Po.eT (POE) to greater heights and offer it a chance of competing against other giants of social media coins. One of the merits that come with the collaboration and launching of a new API is the creation of a worldwide and decentralized ledger for the world’s top creative content. (POE) achieves this by provi transactions that are digital and a public immutable ledger. POE use a cryptography that enables providers of content and editors have an access to tools for automating the process of licensing without depending on any other party for creation of creative work.  Providers of content would also have a suitable method for validation of their work and digital assets in an uninterruptible system that automatically issues providence of digital certificates.


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