Is OmiseGo (OMG) A Vulnerable Currency? Get Its Latest News To Help You Decide


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know that OmiseGo (OMG) is a foolproof digital currency that runs on the blockchain technology. Jun Hasegawa, the C.E.O and founder, says that the main aim of the digital currency is to unbank the unbanked. According to a Wikipedia journal, OmiseGo has the fourth highest etherium market in the world. Before investing in this currency, you should get down to the minute update about OmiseGo. Let us look at what is trending ranging from price analysis, through new developments, up to current deals.

In 2013, Donnie Harinsut and Jun Hasegawa launched the powerful cryptocurrency in Thailand. Since then, few updates have been made with a primary objective to provide better financial services for everyone, regardless of location. Unlike many of its competitors, OmiseGo has not had frequent hacking cases. Definitely, OmiseGo (OMG) is not a weak currency. Here is the latest news.

OmiseGo Jobs  – How does it feel to work for crypto coins? Through their Twitter account, @omise_go posted a job vacancy Ad. The financial organization is currently hiring worldwide talents in the Financial technology, Fintech. Even though we have several job openings, current job openings include; Sales operation fulltime job in Japan, Accounting Finance Manager Fulltime job in Singapore, A Business Intelligence Data Engineer in Bangkok, Trading exchange Developer, and Regional director in Japan. Other job openings are for mobile app developers, analysts, marketers, and consultants. You can apply for these jobs through their website.

White-label Wallet – OmiseGo promised to introduce a White label wallet just within the first quarter of this year. Through this development, investors will experience a wide range of payment solutions. Besides, people will be able to use credit cards, gift cards, and other digital currencies within the OmiseGo network. This development will continue to enhance access, scalability, and security.

Price Update – In the recent past, OMG charts have shown a sharp rise and decline. According to Coinmarketcap, One OmiseGo trades at $12.13. When compared to other Fintech giants, OMG equals to 0.00143381 Bitcoin (BTC) and 0.01438070 Etherium (ETH). This price generally indicates a drop of nothing less than 6%. Investors should expect more steep curves. To explain further, there will be a sudden rise and a sudden decline.

Partnership – In fact, OMG has a good number of partnership talks. Here is the latest one. OmiseGo partnered with AliPay, a leading service provider in Thailand. Also, McDonalds Thailand entered into a deal to adopt OmiseGo coin as its payment channel. Besides, it further collaborated with Credit Saison. All these are recent partnerships in the OMG world. McDonald’s is a well-known food server that has established its brand internationally. On the other hand, Credit Saison is a financial company in Japan that deals with loans, and credit cards.

Despite being ranked 23rd, it still has a potential future. It has an epic history and acquired the largest service providers who will play a big role in OmiseGo’s future. If OmiseGo (OMG) broadens its coverage to all parts of the world, then it will be among the most preferred coins.


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