What is Experience Point (XP) and is it a Good Investment?


The past week has been rough to Experience Point (XP) as the digital currency traded at 12.6% lower against the dollar. Currently, it is not possible to purchase the virtual currency directly using US dollars; therefore you can purchase the coin from exchanges such as CryptoBridge, CoinsMarkets, CoinExchange, and Trade Satoshi. Investors in need of purchasing Experience Point now have to first purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum by using a platform that involves US dollars such as Gemini.

The digital currency was first launched in 2016 has real distinctions compared to other digital currencies. It uses distribution rates, mining algorithm, and total supply in providing an excellent approach to proof of stake. It, therefore, offers a higher rate of PoS to smallholders than large balances. Since it is rewarding incentive digital currency it uses a single blockchain designed for rewarding students and gamers. The reward system is the backbone of the coin. It rewards students for their good grades and attendance and gamers for unlocking achievements.

Gaming cryptocurrencies                      

Since last year December, there has been an increase in the value, volume, and price of virtual currencies related to gaming applications. The video games represent an industry that uses blockchain integration and ready to take place this year. Game credits have also attained new heights above the $6.00 mark. Despite the value and questionable legitimacy, Experience Point (XP) have pumped their value to the video games related to virtual currencies. Investors have placed their sentiments that 2018 is the year of game coins. Huge developments slated for game projects back up these sentiments beyond the price appreciation. The developments are set for launch as early as next month.

There have been few initiatives by Experience Point team in offering a store, a game, and a faucet. The store provided by the virtual currency enables users to purchase XP gift cards. The game that uses gift cards faced criticism as it pays the players in XP coins. The game is alleged to pay players who attain high scores. The challenging part is that the game breaks easily, therefore making the one XP per play impossible. The good news is that the faucet appears to work. You can use the faucet and be able to earn five to fifty XP every eight hours.

The Experience Point team will soon offer a plugin that would enable game developers to implement XP. In their current announcement, there were a number of aspects that will constitute of a new reboot announcement. The team will also launch an XP reward system in the beta version. It is a great idea for them as the core component of the coin is kind of challenging to the development team.


Experience Point (XP) growth against other giants in the cryptocurrency space is logical and has been in a natural way. Implementing the new store, a game, and a faucet makes the coin gain its ground. The concept used by the platform of merging blockchain technology with real value reward system enables it to provide an innovative approach to game currencies.


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