Why are cryptocurrency investors turning to TRON (TRX)


Currently, there are lots of cryptocurrency coins being developed every day. The new crypto coins finding hard to compete with the “older crypto coins” since most of the investors are already used to them. Nevertheless, there are cryptocurrencies such as the TRON (TRX) Coin which has shown real oomph in striving to become one of the global leaders in the cryptocurrency markets.

But was is TRON (TRX) Coin?

The coin was developed by the Tron Foundation, a Singapore-based foundation. The coin is based on an open decentralized peer-to-peer platform which doesn’t require miners to facilitate transactions. The users deal directly among themselves. If you want to purchase you deal directly with the owner; no middlemen like the Applestore and google playstore.  The elimination of the middlemen/miners ensure that the transaction time is greatly reduced.

With Tronix, investors can enjoy:

  • Free and uncontrolled data due to data liberation by TRON.
  • The ability to get digital resources from content spreading because of the enabled content ecosystem.
  • Private ICO where users can deal out their digital currencies.
  • A great internet infrastructure where they can share other digital stuff like market forecasts and games.

Why are investors getting attracted to Tron (TRX)?

To begin with the Tron has shown a really good performance in the cryptocurreny markets with its prices steadily rising over the years. It has shown a very strong bullish trend.

In the past year, 2017, Tron value was below $0.01. Then all of a sudden, starting at 10th December, 2017, its prices started to rise very sharply reaching an all-time high of $0.286607, on 05th January, 2018.

New TRON chart

If one of these predominant veteran coins like Boitcoin saw such a dramatic rise in its value, investors would get scared to invest because of fear of overpricing. However, with the new cryptocurrency coins like the TRON (TRX) coin, there is no fear of the currency being overpriced since its value is still small compared to the dominant coins.

Actually, although the prices of the Tron coin have since retraced to stabilize at around $0.11, investors should still be very optimistic of the values continuing to rise.

Another thing which is exciting investors is that TRON, the owners of Tron (TRX), have succeeded in ensuring that the creators get back their ownership of data without the interference of the middlemen. With TRX, the few corporates such as Google and the like no longer control the data nor the traffic during transaction.


  1. “Then all of a sudden, starting at 10th December, 2017, its prices started to rise very sharply”

    It seems a lot of coins / tokens suddenly shot up in price around this date including XRP. Now they all seem to have come back down and flatlining.

  2. Steve do you understand the fundamental value of Tronix? You must have not floated enough bitcoin around requiring an hour wait, to appreciate the peer to peer value and ridding of miners in itself. Not to mention that every trader is looking for “coins” with billion dollar market caps with a hint of legitimacy – which from the little I know there are several hints here in terms reputation and relationships. So you have:
    – very fast, f@&$ waiting an hour for bitcoin. When it becomes available on more exchanges arb players will eat this up for balancing their inventories (selling out into buying power after landing)
    – reputable operation in billion dollar market cap
    – natural euphoria of having thousands of coins, intriguing buyers vs having less than 1 bitcoin
    – hilariously and terrifyingly, a good name is core purpose why a coin is looked into, well-named.
    ***a coin with an actual purpose, which could have legs.

    Did you read the article above, how can you hate on this. Explain to me, what was the reasoning behind your statement? Sounds like you missed out on getting in early and may be slightly disgruntled on the sidelines. Provide some reasoning other than being a skeptic of the entire “crypto market”, which I agree is ridiculous in many aspects – seems to me TRX does not fit the no-value bill.

  3. TRON – TRX is a Big SCAM – Justin is a liar, his Twitter is full of Fake News, Nobody believes in this project anymore.

  4. What I wills say for sure, is that if you’re looking to buy coins at $0.11 and are not prepared to take a lot of heat, then don’t invest. In my opinion you shouldn’t be buying anything with money you’re not willing to completely lose with these crypto-coins. Trying to scalp coins without tremendous liquidity is very dangerous. Honestly I don’t know that much about TRX, I’ve only been commenting based on the little I’ve researched. I bought some and think it’s cool and made a comment to defend it because of an ignorant statement that frustrates me.


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