Why You Need to Invest In Ethereum (ETH)


Ethereum (ETH) is a public blockchain platform like bitcoin which has programmable transaction functionality. It also offers a decentralized online machine which carries out peer-to-peer contracts using Ether (a crypto asset).

What makes Ethereum different?

The difference with Ethereum (ETH) is its technology. Its coin value is referred to as ‘Ether’ and it is bought, sold and used by ICO investors. ETH allows faster transactions as its block time is set to twelve seconds, and it successfully achieves this using the ghost protocol. It also allows distributed mining by individuals through their GPU’s.

Why invest?

Below are few reasons why you should invest in Ethereum:

  • Stability:

With fluctuating market prices, Ethereum has built up on organic growth, without continuous large changes, and it appears to be stable and possibly even predictable. Ethereum blockchain remains in demand despite the cyber-attacks and history of hard forking.  Ether (ETH) stays moderately stable regardless of its price.  ETH took advantage of destabilization through offering a low-cost alternative.

  • Security:

Ethereum works with smart contracts that run on the blockchain. Mechanisms are in place to stop the misuse of the smart contract, and you must pass in ‘ETH’ tokens through paying for it, which now acts as payment for the Ethereum miners who would run your code.

How and where to buy Ethereum (ETH)

The best place to buy Ethereum is at coinbase.com. The site has an easy and attracting user interface which allows users to buy and sell Ethereum.  With over 20 million users, it is one of the most secure exchange sites. You can purchase Ethereum through your credit card.

In summary, there is huge support for Ethereum’s technology from massive investors in the cryptocurrency world called The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. This is a super-group of over 500 companies that have all agreed to combine forces to learn and build on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. It will be a smart move to invest in ETH as its future is very much predictable at this moment.


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