Now, Lisk (LSK) Is The Altcoin You Should Care About


This year turned out to be extremely successful for Lisk (LSK): the rate of crypto currency rose from a minimum of $20 to $38. However, over the past 24 hours, Lisk has lost about 10%, which, apparently, is due to the postponement of the rebranding platform. Still, Lisk is expected to raise the price steadily in 2018.

Upcoming Catalyst

The key upcoming catalyst is the rebranding on February 20 or 2 weeks before the SDK distribution date in April (details to be announced).

Lisk conducted the ICO in May 2016 and during that time managed to gather a large number of supporters, and recently announced the expansion of its team and other marketing plans.

It is expected that the rebranding of Lisk will help further development of the crypto currency (as it was with NEO), as traders who bought LSK in recent weeks counted on. At the same time, some traders consider the fall of the Lisk price a positive development, seeing in it the opportunity to increase the size of their positions before the February events.

The number of employees has risen from two to 30, and this year it should be up to 60.

Lisk’s Strength

The development language adopts JavaScript. This allows many developers to engage in Lisk development. By corresponding to the side chain, it is possible to detach only the part where there is a problem even if hacking or malfunction happens by any chance.

Recent Developments

August rebranding announced. This triggered and the price rose to about 4 times.

Asian tour is held as part of September Rebrand. (Visit China, Korea, Japan, India)

The price plummeted to about half after the announcement that the SDK release is postponed.

Meetup was held in Japan hosted by Block Chain Lab. Hundreds of investors gathered in the whole room at the venue.


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