IOTA (MIOTA) New Partnerships Is Just The Start


The decentralized platform, the IOTA foundation has been on the news recently, with the foundation forming several partnerships over the last few months. IOTA (MIOTA) announced that it had formed a new partnership with the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC) as they aim to create a global alliance of smart mobility testbeds.

ITIC is currently focused on building a global network of both open and closed testbeds that will be used to both incubate and validate AI-based sustainable mobility services. The innovation center also wants their developers to be able to get access to test fleets and the test infrastructure, as will be provided in a worldwide network of testbeds. The partnership with IOTA is aimed at achieving their goal of being able to provide a unified platform that will be used to acquire, share and select high quality test data from certified test sites

While making a statement, the two companies stated that public and private operated testbeds would both be able to participate in what they call the ITIC Mobility Testbed Alliance.” The alliance is an initiative of ITIC with IOTA supporting them and will develop their testing capabilities specifically towards the requirements needed for a global market of distributed developers.

Dominik Schiener, the co-founder of IOTA (MIOTA) stated that the alliance would be ushering in a new era of business models. The chief technology officer of ITIC Dr Joachim Taiber while commenting stated that the era of shared data for mobility services will need to have standardized processes of performing data transactions considering factors such as security, scalability and sustainability.

He also stated that their model of funding the smart mobility project is expected to work on several testbeds, with multiple stakeholders needed on the vehicle or infrastructure side and across markets.

IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø in his statement mentioned that the IOTA foundation is establishing a comprehensive Automotive and Transportation Working Group. He added that the collaboration between the two organizations on the Mobility Testbed Alliance is the first official step taken towards achieving an important objective. He further added that this alliance is just the first stage of a large vision that will be fully worked on throughout this year.

IOTA (MIOTA) primary vision is to build a global community of developers that will create smart mobility applications using their open source protocol and their data market platform will enable a shared automated and sustainable mobility ecosystem which will have a high-level safety and security.


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