Why programming is 21st century literacy?


In times where technology is increasingly part of everyday life, it will be useful for all people to have some basic programming skills.

Even knowing how to write code is a highly valued differential for companies that have to select their next candidates beyond the career they have developed.

We are not talking about having the ability to disarm a computer, or to develop complex applications, but to have adequate knowledge to apply technology in any field.

For this, the first step is to lose the fear of the act of programming. Far from being an extremely difficult activity, it is available to anyone, since it consists of an activity that, like any other, only requires study and practice (and win!), Not special or innate skills.

There are proposals like Scratch, children from the age of six are already taking their first steps in the world of programming.

More and more is being incorporated into schools, just as you learn a second language, a sport or a musical instrument.

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Organizations such as the Sadosky Foundation is promoting “Studying Computing”, a website that helps young people discover the opportunities and benefits of studying a career related to information and communication technologies (ICT).

In many parts of the world initiatives are being taken to ensure that all people, whatever their profession and age, can learn programming skills to help them enter the current labor market.

Programming is to instruct a machine on what to deal with certain conditions. For that, you need to know programming languages, which are like the languages with which people communicate daily.

In this line, a doctor, lawyer or a secondary student could begin to take programming courses, even at a distance, and at no cost, to incorporate knowledge in a self-taught way.

For this, there are several platforms, such as Coursera or Mumuki, as well as public or private initiatives, such as ProgramaTuFuturo or #yopuedprogram, which are specially prepared for those interested in taking their first steps in the programming world through lessons and exercises in Spanish.

Today the applications are not only part of any company but also of our day to day. It is only a matter of integrating concepts that previously worked separately and developed in a complementary way.

Within the framework of the digital transformation we are going through, technological companies in particular, and any organization in general, require full talents. That is why, young people must be aware of this tendency to grow in the workplace.


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