In the YPF stations you can load naphtha and also the wallet


By the end of the year there will be more than 70 ATMs at YPF stations across the country through an agreement between the YPF Operators Association (AOYPF) and Red Link. These are terminals acquired by the stationers who, once installed, can operate under the “Cajero Express” brand, Link, or with their own brand.

ATMs will only have available cash withdrawal service and balance inquiry. In the case of private label terminals, the stationers are authorized by the Central Bank to charge a commission for operations including accounts payable, which has not yet been defined but which must inform the customer before he makes the withdrawal.

For its part, the “Cashier Express” will have no cost to the customer, although Red Link will share with the operator of the service station the small fee charged by the bank.

“For the owner of the service station, the great benefit is the reduction of the cost of transportation of cash, which can be used to charge the ATMs. With the scarce margins that the service stations have, that cost is prohibitive and impacts in the profitability of the business.A second benefit is the improvement in customer service, “explained Carlos Pessi, president of the AOYPF.

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In addition, the money deposited by the ATMs at the ATMs can be credited directly to the account of the provider (YPF), which will avoid paying the tax to the check.

As for the cost of cashiers, Link Special Projects manager Oscar Castellano said “the last year was reduced from u $ s 11,000 to $ 7,500 (about $ 135,000),” while estimating that “monthly savings in transfer of flows will be of $ 18,000 “.

The new network began to be installed as a pilot test since May in seven stations in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, where some already exceeded 4000 transactions per month.

So far there are 35 ATMs installed or ready to open in which all the cards of all banks work. For now, all operate under the “Cashier Express” modality, but the AOYPF plan is to reach the 70 terminals before the end of the year, among which will be added ATMs with own brand. By the end of 2018, meanwhile, the goal is to reach 200 installed devices.


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