'The Bachelorette' rejects handicap the season finale

He seemed so sure, which I loved - but also kind of terrified me. In this one instance, I couldn't.

The happy couple then appeared before the live studio audience with host Chris Harrison. Watching back, I realize how long it took me to leave Peter. Peter looked visibly upset through the whole confrontation and Rachel admitted that she had been deeply frustrated with how relationship. "And that hurt. That felt like she was reaching for certain things". Maybe I'm stalling a little.

"I was trying to find cracks in what seemed like the flawless foundation, " she said. "It was hard for me, but it didn't mean I didn't know what I was going to do or that I regret the decision that I made".

Eric was the first to go. Although the show has been on for 13 seasons, only a handful of the pairs who got engaged on the show (that was all of 'em, BTW) followed through with a relationship that is still going strong.

The chemistry is clearly still there, as the couple heads to the fantasy suite to get to know each other even better. This season, however, nice-guy Bryan got the girl. Yay!

Speaking of Peter, that's where things got insane.

In his defense, Peter had been honest from the beginning. "I'll always love you", says Eric to Rachel. Fan favorite Peter Kraus had been a strong contender throughout the season, picking up social media support far beyond numerous other guys. "I see my future". It is so obvious that Peter doesn't want to play the game that if he did agree to be the next Bachelor, everything his fans love about him - his genuineness, his honesty, etc. - would be out the window.

Rachel then explained why she had kept her guard up while dating Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, on the show.

Things weren't great the last time we left Rachel, particularly with Peter.

"At the end, it was not tough for me", Lindsay said. Their farewell was brutal.

After a lot of cries, she leaves.

"It would be a mistake if you didn't choose me". Raw emotion and unfinished business dominated their conversation. By the time Rachel sent Eric home preproposal, it was practically bursting out of him.

And Abasolo agreed. "I think [Alex] would be the most interesting season for sure", he said.

People reported that Lindsay wasn't able to keep her finale dress (though she did get to keep her man).

Rachel thought he was too ideal, but is there such a thing?

And then there was Bryan. He drops to one knee, she pretends she is shocked, and Rachel gets her fairy tale ending.

Her final words to her new fiancé were, "My heart has never been more confused than it has been this week".

The two of them are admirable for the way they stick up for each other.

At every turn Peter was controlling what he really wanted to say which seemed to be some combination about railing against the show itself, criticizing Bryan's personality and telling Rachel that she had made a huge mistake about him. It was like they were trying to prove they were madly in love. We wish you the best and congratulations.