Rachel picks her prince charming in dramatic finale

Bryan accepted the first rose, however the real struggle for Rachel was deciding between Eric and Peter. Next, she goes on one last date with her final two men as Season 13 concludes. During a heated discussion about compromise where Peter stated that "we will both regret this decision" and something along the lines of "if you don't chose me you chose a mediocre life", Rachel uttered "I love you" through tears and chose to end their relationship. Here's what those who didn't watch the finale need to know to confidently talk about the finale. Lindsay needed a ring, and he needed more time-which is totally logical, by the way, but The Bachelorette isn't logical.

Kraus later told "Bachelorette" host Chris Harrison that he was so distraught, he walked past Lindsay's fake eyelashes on the floor for two days.

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Bachelorette and her final pick, Bryan Abasolo, in New York City on Tuesday, where the 32-year-old attorney had some choice words for her last interaction with Peter.

As she later explained in a live chat on the Kathie Lee and Hoda Facebook page, there was also something about Abasolo that just rubbed her the wrong way. Forgoing the standard "After the Final Rose" special, Rachel relived her emotional parting with Peter, which took place hours ahead of the final rose ceremony.

During the live finale - where Rachel and Peter uncomfortably sat next to each other on a couch after not seeing each other since the night they broke up - Rachel told Peter that this process "might not be for him". However, "The Bachelor" would take him on a journey that could maybe change his opinion on relationships. "It was frustrating to me, and then it's frustrating to hear so many people back that behavior up". She finally chooses one of them. And then Peter wonders out loud: Should I go home? "I really wanted all my focus to be about Bryan". Rachel replied that she didn't know because they were separated. From then on, she was clearly smitten by the Colombian although she said throughout the season that she thought he was too good to be true.

Right after the dramatic breakup between Peter and Rachel, Brian gets down on one knee. They were going to live happily ever after in Texas and/or Wisconsin and have gap-toothed babies. Its been a while since he's been this happy and feels like its a fantasy and a dream. He says he is trying to figure out if Rachel is the "one and only for the rest of my life", and Rachel agrees he should work on that. I mean with Bryan's good looks what could possible go wrong? It's reality TV. The finale ended with Abasolo proposing to Lindsay, and people.weren't pleased. "And that hurt. That felt like she was reaching for certain things".

"Is there still time for Ashton Kutcher to come out and say we've all been punk'd??"

Luckily the lawyer-turned-reality star, 32, had Bryan by her side as she almost took a tumble while stepping out of her vehicle in her strappy high heels.