Rachel Lindsay Responds to Fan Claiming She Settled with 'Bachelorette' Choice

Bryan and I had such a handsome day riding horses. "You are so easy and effortless to love and I just want to love you for the rest of your life".

Rachel arrives in full Rachel Green garb for wine tasting.

Rachel Lindsay: For me, Geneva was a really, really big week. It's a fantasy! It's a dream! Bryan was bursting with joy - so much so that he started jumping. The show didn't try to convince us that Bryan was some extraordinary catch. He's a real boy! They were going to live happily ever after in Texas and/or Wisconsin and have gap-toothed babies. I study them frame by frame like they're the Zapruder film. We'd support her through anything, right? And then Peter wonders out loud: Should I go home? He still has feelings for Rachel, but they both wish each other the best. I don't know. Do you have one?

That should tell you everything you need to know about Bryan. He joins the live commentary and tells Rachel he was ready to propose.

Was it love... or was it the beard that transformed Eric into a man?

Take a look at the video below to see Rachel Lindsay telling Peter Kraus The Bachelorette is not for a guy like him. Who's forging Chris Harrison fantasy suite notes? Bryan strayed from her usual type, whereas Peter, the other finalist, was more along the men she dated in the past.

Bryan continues to go all in on this. When they met up again for the last time, Peter explained why he wasn't able to ask the big question to Rachel. "I get pressure from so many different ways being in this position".

Luckily the lawyer-turned-reality star, 32, had Bryan by her side as she almost took a tumble while stepping out of her auto in her strappy high heels. My eyes dart down for just a moment to find my wine and by the time I look up Bryan's kissing eating Rachel's face. Although he was a frontrunner on the show, Peter was eliminated partly because of his ambivalence towards proposing right away to Rachel.

A glowing Rachel not only got the ring she wanted, she got the guy she wanted! It was like they were trying to prove they were madly in love.

Peter defines marriage as "football games, baseball games, and wine night with painting", possibly setting up an endorsement deal with Painting with a Twist. You the best, Peter!

And then there was one. Rachel stated that the conversation largely resembled a previous long-term relationship that didn't last well due to the two not willing to compromise.

Their televised reunion, which Lindsay's victor and fiance Bryan Abasolo was also watching live, showcased the raw emotion that still remained between Lindsay and Kraus, who was the fan-favorite of Bachelor Nation. We want to believe we would know when something special was brewing with a partner, and chase that risk with no regrets, but would we really be bold enough to make that choice?

"I went into this entire process totally open minded and ready for whatever was thrown at me, and even with that I don't think I was prepared", he admitted. "You just assume that it's a typical reality TV show, but once you're in it, it's real", she said. "So, it was just tough to watch".

"I'm not living a mediocre life".

Rachel and Bryan deserve each other. Because my past has shown me that it won't. He's not Courtney Robertson.

"It's so surreal", Rachel added, "but we feel liberated. we feel free!" He's just kind of a smooth talking guy with fake cheeks. This was devastating, as all of us could clearly see how in love the two were. Is it the cheeks?

Looking back (now as a married person), I realize that what I really wanted was simply there all along: a true partner, someone to share all the highs and lows and everything in between.

"I'm going to make you the happiest wife in the world", he said in Spanish.

But even so, Rachel's journey hints at an important lesson. Neil Lane brings his Coldstone Creamery of diamond rings (halos on halos on halos) and Rachel awaits at the top of the castle like an actual princess.

In another questionable fashion decision, Rachel's final rose dress is held together by dental floss. It's more of a challenge that I can fix.