Did 'Bachelorette' Rachel make the right choice? This recap makes good points

Lindsay even had celebrities singing her praises, co-signing that she's "too good" for the franchise. Congratulations. Thank you so much. But after spending the day together, he still can't promise he's going to propose because that's what happens when you date for two months, guys! (Your modeling photos and your personal training business and your six-pack abs will surely not hurt your chances.) And when the time is right, the girl you choose will be your first and last proposal, just like you want. We'll switch it up and play a game.

Things weren't great the last time we left Rachel, particularly with Peter. In all honesty, we were super skeptical about Eric from the get-go, but he made a total 180 over the course of the season. On the contrary, I suspected that Bryan "won" by default, and that Rachel may have settled for a ring in the place of true love. The show didn't try to convince us that Bryan was some extraordinary catch.

On the live show, Rachel tells Chris, "I cried my eyelashes off". Rachel admits that she was right there, about to send Peter home without going to the fantasy suite.

"I really, really was, and I really tried to fight it, and I think I talked about that". Rachel replied that she didn't know because they were separated. What is Bryan's secret talent?

PETER: I know that I would lose you, so I would do it for you to prove that I want to pursue this relationship. Although I was apprehensive, I agreed because if I'm being real, I needed the same clarity.

"There really wasn't any issue moving forward in our relationship, so my confidence remained sky-high throughout and I didn't have any reason to think otherwise", Abasolo said.

Let's see what America had to say about it... And when only Bryan stepped out of that limo at the end of the episode, Bachelor Nation was aghast. You're 1 for 1.

RACHEL, EXASPERATED: I want someone who knows what they want to do!

"I feel like people aren't watching what I was watching", she said. There you go. Justin Bieber. In this one instance, I couldn't. That's why when I met you, it just seemed too ideal. Yikes. Poor Peter. I couldn't help but think she was kind of cold to him as they tried to sort things out.

Finally, viewers saw the moment they were waiting for-as the cameras went back in time to Spain, where Bryan selected a diamond engagement ring and Rachel stood outside a Spanish castle waiting anxiously for him to arrive. We can't focus on anything that anybody else says on the outside.

"He's just quirky, fun personality, funky dresser", Abasolo, 37, agreed. He's a really good guy. Quite simply, Peter thought that getting engaged after a few weeks was a little ridiculous - and it's kiiiind of hard to disagree with him. And I still said no. Do you think Rachel made a mistake? "I blanked out on what I was saying - I meant it and it was from the heart, but it was just so surreal that it was happening".

"You are so easy and effortless to love, and I just want to love you for the rest of my life", Bryan said.

I love Peter as much as the next person, but hear me out. We can have terrific jobs, wonderful friends, and yet, the pictures we post cheesing with a significant other are what rack up the most Instagram likes, time and time again.

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