The Bachelorette Season 13 Finale: Rachel Lindsay Picks Bryan Abasolo

After nearly three months of having to choose from 31 male contestants, #rachel lindsay finally chose to give her heart to #Bryan Abasolo during the final episode of "The Bachelorette" season 13 aired on Monday.

Though Rachel's love for Bryan has been evident since the start of the season, before he could slide a stunning Neil Lane sparkler on her finger, the 31-year-old lawyer first bid a heartbreaking farewell to runner up Peter Kraus.

The final episode featured a heartbreaking, long-winded breakup between Rachel and Peter.

FANTASY LEAGUE INFORMATION: ABC explains that: The Bachelorette Fantasy League is the official ultimate fantasy game experience for the 2017 season of The Bachelorette featuring Rachel Lindsay.

It picked up from the previous week with Peter still acting commitment-phobic in Spain.

But after he left their room, Bryan arrived for a date in the vineyards. "Yeah, people see us kiss and stuff, but you constantly hear me question him being charming, whether or not he's genuine". Reminding everyone about this finale by giving Peter the starring role wouldn't do that. Also, Bryan's flawless answers and rehearsed polish raised some red flags with Rachel's family during her home visit, but not enough to stop Rachel from her ultimate decision. Who's forging Chris Harrison fantasy suite notes? And when only Bryan stepped out of that limo at the end of the episode, Bachelor Nation was aghast. At the rose ceremony, she sends one heartbroken bachelor packing. But guys, Rachel and Eric's breakup style was enviable. After a heart-melting speech on a attractive tower in Spain, Bryan asked for Rachel's hand in marriage.

Rachel finally ended her intense journey for love Monday night on ABC. "The progression of us was so good", Rachel said of their connection (via Us Weekly). Rachel's decision to stop waiting for someone to want what she wanted at the same time led to some harsh words on Peter's part. Why does that mean - I will give you an incredible life and an awesome relationship.

"Rachel's friends are anxious that she's just blinded by the ring and not really paying attention to the actual person she chose", an insider exclusively tells Life & Style. Whatever happens, Rachel's been a stellar Bachelorette, and she deserves only the best.

"I will give you an incredible life", Peter said. If anyone wants to have deep discussions about Bachelor in Paradise, you know where to find me!

Reunited in real time, Rachel and Peter attempted to establish closure.

As expected, Rachel wasn't pleased with Peter's decision.

"Oh, I haven't even begun to think about Dancing With the Stars", Rachel confessed. "You need more time".

"Bryan is like my best friend, like I cannot imagine him not in my life", Lindsay added.

Then Peter claimed, "I feel attacked". Rachel and Bryan bond during their last moments together, and by "bond" we mean gluing their faces together much to the (probable) horror of the cameraman. She loves that he felt bad and commits to focusing on Bryan. They've made it to the end and I wish them the best.

Rachel told him, "I see my forever..." I've been strong with my last four, and I loved each of them in a different way, and with Bryan, he's the only one that I said I was in love with to. I have a feeling that he could say that line to a display of grocery store avocados with the same amount of conviction. Third, only one guy got out of the limo that night to claim Rachel's hand. Well, maybe he thought he would get there faster, or maybe he didn't think that when he got to the end, he would have to go through with that.