'Bachelorette' finale: Rachel chooses a fiancé and America does not agree

But she wanted someone to propose to her, and Peter wasn't ready to take that step. Despite her doubts, she says goodbye to Eric and hands roses to Bryan and Peter.

He then revealed that he'd tried to reach out to Rachel after the fact and she said she wasn't open to that.

Abasolo got down on one knee, proposed, Lindsay accepted. The only dark cloud is that Rachel is a wee bit distracted, because "Peter messed with her mind". Still, Rachel seemed distant, admitting to the camera that Peter had gotten in her head. He also has two additional things going for him.

It seems nearly like Bryan was Rachel's second choice after a few emotionally confusing days with Peter, which is sad to think about given how sweet Bryan was throughout the show and how strong their connection was. Rachel obviously found that appealing.

"Great. Go find someone to have a mediocre life with", Peter snapped. "I didn't meet with Peter last night but I saw the final episode". So they cut short the Fantasy Suite show and rolled it into the finale, which, frankly, makes the finale feel rushed and lose some of its romance.

Bryan felt Rachel was distant and confronted her about how things felt "off".

Rachel Lindsay is a 32-year-old lawyer from Dallas, Texas who made history in "The Bachelorette" as the first ever African-American to be cast as the lead of the show.

Rachel finally ended her intense journey for love Monday night on ABC.

Bryan does have some red flags. Maybe even more troubling, his mother seems way, way too attached.

"You take that leap of faith. I feel like he was giving me just enough to keep me and string me along, rather than being forthcoming with everything", she continued. Rachel is a reminder that as women, we can all be pretty basic sometimes, and that's the real bummer.

Will Rachel and Bryan beat the fateful "Bachelor" couples curse? For quite some time, Reality Steve has been reporting Bryan Abasolo as the man who proposes to Rachel, and as always, everyone wants to know if the pair actually make it.

But Rachel, his charm borders on smarm! "And you can see, watching that is no different". That is not going to be an easy Thanksgiving with the in-laws.

"I will give you an unbelievable life", Peter said. Either Peter or Eric could be Bachelor! Eric Bigger, another one of the final candidates, also lost out. Whatever happens, Rachel's been a stellar Bachelorette, and she deserves only the best. I'm in this because I want someone who wants what I want.

That should tell you everything you need to know about Bryan.