Tesla Model 3 handover takes place tonight

The first 30 owners of Tesla's highly anticipated Model 3 have received their new cars, ushering in an era of affordable electric cars from one of the world's most exciting companies. "This is Tesla's first time with high-volume production, and they had a lot of problems with the X. It's really important to have high quality".

There are loads of standard goodies on the Model 3, though. The Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle will make #Car Keys a thing of the past.

Tesla Motors Inc. unveiled its $35,000 Model 3 sedan and delivered 30 of the vehicles to employees on Friday night.

When it arrives next year, the Model 3 will compete with the BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 and Jaguar XE.

For Tesla, everything is riding on the Model 3. It has a 220-mile range, goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds and can go as fast as 130 miles per hour, Musk told the crowd. It "achieves 215 miles (346 km) of range per charge" and is "designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category".

What is the cost of Supercharging for Model 3? . But Musk was more specific on Friday night, when the company made its first deliveries of the new vehicle.

The Tesla Model 3 has now been officially launched - and we've caught up with two future owners called Russell Harper and Nick Peaty to find out what's attracted its 400,000-strong bank of orders.

Unlike previous cars, Tesla didn't disclose the size of its two battery packs.

"Anywhere on Earth (where) there is electricity, you can charge your vehicle", Musk said.

Once paid for, the Tesla Model 3 should be relatively cheap to run. Helping it become a more profitable mainstream company.

The Model 3 is part of Mr. Musk's broader plan to build a clean energy and transportation company that offers electric semi-trailer trucks, rooftop solar energy systems and large-scale battery storage systems.

A 4-year/50,000-mile limited warranty is offered on the auto, while an 8-year/100,000-mile warranty is offered on the battery (Long Range battery gets 120,000 miles).

So what does the Model 3 feel like behind the wheel?

There is a four-year 50,000 mile limited warranty for the vehicle.

For $5,000, Enhanced Autopilot gives the vehicle the to match its speed to traffic conditions, automatically change lanes, transition between freeways and self-park. So, if you're thinking about pre-ordering, get in sooner rather than later.

If you want the full autonomous experience you'll need to "Full Self-Driving Capability" option, which is a further $3,000 - though Tesla cautions "this feature is dependent upon extensive software validation and regulatory approval".

If the base wheels look too small for you, you can pony up $1,500 for the 19-inch wheel option. But one key aspect stuck out from the brief presentation: The revered, "more-affordable Tesla" isn't exactly coming out at the price point we've been hearing about for months. This means worldwide Model 3 deliveries will begin in late 2018, contingent upon regulatory approvals, staring with left-hand drive markets, followed by right-hand drive markets in 2019.

With that in mind, he posed two obvious questions: "Are we really in need of another high performance sports vehicle?".