Jaguar E-Pace breaks cover

Jaguar has unveiled its second SUV, the compact E-Pace, breaking a world "barrel roll" record in the process at the world premiere.

Perhaps the most impressive function is the E-PACE comes with the same All Surface Progress Control that was developed for the F-PACE.

Trademark Jaguar driving dynamics and design put the brand's sports vehicle DNA in a practical design packed with advanced technologies to keep you connected.

The designers have ensured that the overall design of the vehicle is unique yet familiar so that people relate it with the baby version of the F-Pace.

The one area where the F-Pace falls down is the interior, which is solid but looks a bit cheap and nasty. The ZF-sourced gearbox also is available in the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and Discovery Sport.

That entry price will buy you a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a six-speed manual gearbox, but most versions of the E-Pace are likely to have four-wheel drive and an eight-speed auto 'box.

Buyers can choose from a selection of 2.0-litre four-cylinder Ingenium engines, with outputs ranging from "a 148bhp diesel to a 296bhp petrol", says Evo.

Besides the deceivingly spacious cabin which is good for a young family along with 577 litres of boot space, the E-Pace also has a cool feature which allows drivers to lock the auto remotely with their smartwatch or smartphone. That means as 0-60mph time of just 5.9 seconds.

E-PACE is the newest member to join Jaguar's SUV line-up that include all-electric I-PACE Concept and the Jaguar F-PACE.

The new Jaguar E-PACE leapt into the record books with a 15.3m long jump complete with a 270° corkscrew-like "barrel roll".

. At the rear, the long, slim tail lamps with horizontally flowing LED strips make the E-Pace look unmistakably Jaguar. Sleek lights, etched lines in the bodywork and the rear flick across the boot are all taken from the sportscar and makes it stand out clearly next to the existing SUV. A family with one or two kids should get by nicely. The center console holds four big water botters, and the doors have molded-in pockets for additional storage. Remove the tray, and there's enough room for two wine bottles.

"With the E-PACE, our aim was to develop a Jaguar SUV that feels and responds with the character of any of our rear-wheel drive vehicles. said Mike Cross, Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar".

Now it appears Jaguar is starting to fill in the gaps in the increasingly lucrative SUV market with its own five-seat compact SUV, known as the E-Pace, that will take on the likes of the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. The E-PACE S will be $41,500, while the E-PACE SE will be $44,300.

"Inside, the dash is clearly influenced by the F-Type, with a 10.2" infotainment touchscreen, optional 12.3" digital instrument panel, Jaguar's inControl Apps, HVAC screens and a proper gear stick rather than a rotary knob.

Jaguar has taken the wraps off the 2018 E-PACE, it's latest SUV, but despite what the name would seem to imply this isn't the company's hotly-anticipated electric crossover.