In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation

President Trump continued to refer to what he feels is a "witch hunt" against him in another slew of new tweets Sunday morning, writing that it is a distraction from the rest of his priorities: "The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN agenda is doing very well despite the distraction of the Witch Hunt".

In a weekend tweet, Trump also returned to the defense that he fired Comey at the recommendation of Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.

Since then, Sekulow has been a popular name on the internet, but despite just now coming into the spotlight as part of the President's legal team, Sekulow has been around politics and media for three decades. "The legal team has not been notified", he said on CNN.

Trump essentially confessed that he fired Comey in order to forestall the Russian Federation investigation, telling NBC News interviewer Lester Holt in nationally televised broadcast that "this Russian Federation thing" was among his motivations for firing Comey. To make it even more hard, their client's public statements often threaten to undercut their work.

Should Trump follow Nixon's move, clearly it would be seen as cherry picking special prosecutors until you find one who will be "loyal". "There's no reason to think he's going to listen to legal advice", Washington defense lawyer Peter Zeidenberg said.

It was after these reports emerged, The Times said, that Kushner's allies began searching for more high-profile and experienced attorneys to represent him.

On Monday, though, senior adviser Kellyanne Conway advised the public to not pay attention to the words in the tweet, because even though Trump appeared to fully admit that's he's being investigated, Conway said, well, he's not. He also cited testimony of former FBI director James Comey before the Senate intelligence committee, in which he said he told Mr Trump he was not under investigation in the months leading up to his May 9 firing.

It is common for subjects of federal investigations not to know they are under scrutiny, especially in the initial phases. The President highlighted the fact that this rating was better when compared to the rating Obama received when he was in office.

Mueller, the FBI director before Comey, has not released any details on the investigation.

A personal attorney for Donald Trump is insisting that the President is not under investigation. "Will he say I'm no longer talking about the Russian Federation investigation?"

Former Department of Justice official John Malcolm told CNBC that "there is no question that he (Mueller) is close to Jim Comey" and that he "must keep an arm's length distance" from him. These investigations are looking at Russian intelligence-led hacking of US political parties and a campaign of misinformation aimed at influencing the election in favor of then candidate Donald Trump. Trump took to Twitter to confirm that the FBI was investigating him and termed it a witch hunt stating that he was being investigated by the man who told him to fire Comey. Comey was leading the investigation into whether the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign cooperate with Russian officials and Russia carried out a computer hacking operation created to tilt the election in Trump's favor. There's been no notification of an investigation.